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The Magus's House

Part Two of Arcana


Following a magical soirée with seismic revelations, Charity Waits is tied to the beleaguered people of the House of Wands—whether they want her or not.


The Wands are embroiled in a war of assassins, so now Charity is too. She must learn to control her power and use the cards of the tarot while surviving the deadly streets of her enchanted city.


The stakes are rising fast, and Charity will need to meet them with all her heart—or lose the battle she’s been running from for seven years.


The Magus’s House is Part Two of Arcana, a dark and whimsical fantasy series. If you like unique magic, drama, and adventure, then you'll love continuing Charity's story. Read The Magus's House and return to the world of Arcana today!


Charity and the fantastical world of Arcana return in The Magus's House!

The Magus's House

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