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The Arcana series

The Fool's Path (Arcana Book 1)

Tarot cards, a dark and whimsical city, and a heroine with fire in her heart. Literally.

Charity Waits tried a normal life—but it really didn’t take. A temper that’s actually hot enough to set things on fire is a problem, but it’s not her only one.

In an otherworldly city, where tarot cards are the source of magic, two powerful houses are at war and—despite her best efforts—Charity’s path puts her right between them.

It’s time for Charity to dust off her tarot deck and fight to protect her friends and her life. As she plunges into the city’s perilously enchanted streets, Charity is looking for a way out—and afraid she’ll find her way home.

The Fool’s Path is Part One of Arcana, a vivid and bewitching fantasy series. If you like unique magic, drama, and adventure then you'll love Charity's story. Buy The Fool's Path and enter the enchanted world of Arcana today!


The Magus's House (Arcana Book 2)

The infinite power of the Magus. A formidable House divided. More magic, more problems…

Following a magical soirée with seismic revelations, Charity Waits is tied to the beleaguered people of the House of Wands—whether they want her or not. 

The Wands are embroiled in a war of assassins, so now Charity is too. She must learn to control her power and use the cards of the tarot while surviving the deadly streets of her enchanted city.

The stakes are rising fast, and Charity will need to meet them with all her heart—or lose the battle she’s been running from for seven years.

The Magus’s House is Part Two of Arcana, a dark and whimsical fantasy series. If you like unique magic, drama, and adventure, then you'll love continuing Charity's story. Read The Magus's House and return to the world of Arcana today!


The High Priestess's Vigil (Arcana Book 3)

Charity Waits’ life is always upside-down and backwards. Now it’s broken.

After an unnervingly narrow escape, Charity believes her situation can’t get any worse.

Stranded, cut off from the magical world, Charity has nothing. No money. No ID. No friends. No tarot cards. She’ll have to take whatever help is offered—from whoever is offering.

While Charity struggles to find a way home and hold together a fragile alliance, she runs afoul of a truth the ordinary and magical worlds agree on: Anything that can get worse, does.

The High Priestess’s Vigil is Part Three of Arcana, and completes the first arc of this spellbinding fantasy series. If you like unique magic, drama, and adventure, then Charity's story is for you. Read The High Priestess's Vigil today!


The Empress's Garden (Arcana Book 4)

Spring is for new beginnings: friendships, rivalries, and magics. And for new enemies.

Once more, Charity Waits survived against the odds. The House of Wands is at peace. For now.

Yet, Charity remains on the Fool’s Path -- a journey she must survive to claim the magic of the Court of Wands. Next she will find and face the Empress. Which would be daunting enough, if it was her only challenge.

No war among the Houses is without consequence. Fragile alliances, secret agreements, and old grudges are simmering in the City of the Arcana. A small spark will set them alight. And Charity was always more bonfire than candle.

The Empress’s Garden is Part Four of Arcana, a vivid, magical fantasy series. If you like unique worlds, magic, and adventure then you'll love Charity's story. Buy The Empress’s Garden and continue your journey in the City of the Arcana today!


The Emperor's War (Arcana Book 5)

Coming soon!

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