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The Fool's Path

Part One of Arcana


Charity Waits tried a normal life—but it really didn’t take. A temper that’s actually hot enough to set things on fire is a problem, but it’s not her only one.


In an otherworldly city, where tarot cards are the source of magic, two powerful houses are at war and—despite her best efforts—Charity’s path puts her right between them.


It’s time for Charity to dust off her tarot deck and fight to protect her friends and her life. As she plunges into the city’s perilously enchanted streets, Charity is looking for a way out—and afraid she’ll find her way home.

The Fool’s Path is Part One of Arcana, a vivid and bewitching fantasy series. Join Charity on her journey and come along for the adventure!


The fantastical stories of Arcana feature a fierce fire-wielding heroine, tarot cards come to life, and the most magical and dangerous City in any world. Begin the journey with The Fool's Path!

The Fool's Path

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