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Tarot magic. Fiery heroines.

Adventure in the otherworldly City of the Arcana.

Charity Waits has fire in her heart. Literally. Join her on her journey, and take your first step into an enchanted City.


Arcana is a series of short novels about Charity Waits and her adventures in the City of the Arcana.


Charity is reconciling her past and her magic, challenged to take up a role in the mystical metropolis she thought she’d escaped forever. She’s aided by her very enthusiastic best friend, a broken-hearted knight, and a host of the City’s more colorful denizens. 


The City itself is ruled by the magic of tarot cards -- and whether you’re already immersed in the lore of the tarot or entirely new to the cards, fantasy readers will love the unique worldbuilding and magic in this series. 


The first four books are available now -- and parts five and six are coming in Summer 2023!


H. T. Brady is a writer for video games and a fantasy author.


Her non-fiction work includes Game Programming for Artists with Jarryd Huntley, and an essay in Queer Games Studies. She is a sometimes book coach and editor.

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